Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

After your pet has been evaluated and it's history assessed, pre-anesthetic safety testing will be recommended. Anesthetic risk can be greatly reduced through lab. testing before anesthesia to identify hidden medical problems. We stronlgy recommend liver & kidney function tsting, red & white blood cell counts, testing of your pet's blood glucose level and an ECG. These tests are bundled at a substantial discount so we can make them more affordable for our clients and help us provide the best veterinary care. Ask us about them when you schedule your appointment.

As soon as anesthesia is induced, a breathing tube is placed and your pet is started on gas to maintain the anesthesia. Monitoring equipment, including pulse oximetry (oxygenation monitor) and blood pressure are then placed on the patient, the eyes are lubricated to prevent damage, and a warming water blanket is placed. Anesthetic monitoring is constant during the procedure. We are always within a few feet of every anesthetized patient. Your pet's face and eyes are always covered with a towel to prevent contamination, and gauze is placed in the back of the mouth to catch debris and water.

After the teeth are thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, polished, and treated with fluoride, we examine every part of your pet's mouth and any abnormalities are noted on the dental chart. At this time you will be contacted by phone and any recommended treatment is explained to you along with the costs for that treatment. Ideally, any required treatment can be performed at the same time as the cleaning. It is critical that we be able to contact you after your pet's mouth is evaluated - make sure you are available by phone.

All patients are closely monitored as they wake up, with most patients standing up within a few minutes of completing the procedure. Pain management includes medications before, during, and after the procedure, as well as local nerve blocks as indicated.

At discharge, all instructions are fully explained. Typically several pictures of your pet's procedure are taken and printed out for your reference. Most patients are scheduled for a re-check exam as appropriate. There is no charge for these re-check exams. At some point in your pet's care, we also take the time to demonstrate your home care options on your own pet. At any time before or after your pet's care you are welcome to call or E-mail any questions you might have.

Finally, we will advise you of when your pet should be checked again, and of any required follow-up. We will then call to remind you when any further care might be required.

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