"A number of years ago I had to take my dog to UC Davis Veterinary Hospital for an operation. I had asked them at the time who they would recommend as a good veternarian in my area for after-care for my dog and also provide good veterinary care for my cats. They stated to me that Dr. Mark Dunlap of Skyway Pet Hospital in Paradise, was in their opinion the best vet around. They also stated that he was one of the best diagnosticians in northern CA. I was living at the time in Chico and decided to move to Paradise. I started bringing in my show cats (Persians) to Dr. Dunlap. I would like to say that Dr. Dunlap and his staff at Skyway Pet Hospital have taken great care of my pets over the years. I have mostly cats now, and I can't say enough what a wonderful job they have done in caring for the needs of my dog and cats."
L.B. - Paradise

“I have been bringing my doggies to Skyway Pet Hospital for 17 years and would not go anywhere else. I feel they get the best medical care that is available in the northern California area. Mark Dunlap is a remarkably skilled veterinarian and his Staff is top notch. They have demonstrated both compassion and great competency in dealing with my pets. When I am required to leave my dogs at the hospital, I leave them with a feeling of leace of mind knowing they will get the best of care and lots of love. I would highly recommend Skyway Pet Hospital to anyone who cherishes their pets as I do.”
C.L. - Paradise

“I have been taking my animals there for over a decade now. Dr. Dunlap is my primary care physician for all of my, and my mothers animals. We have had nothing less than good experiences with this vet. I have found the prices to be comparable to other vets but the quality of the care and office staff great. They treat me like family.”
R.J. - Chico

“We've always taken our pets (cats) to Dr. Dunlap. Originally we took our animals there on the recommendations of friends, but at this point, my husband and myself are offering recommendations based on our own experiences! The prices are reasonable, the service is wonderful; easily worth the small drive from Chico. We highly recommend Dr. Dunlap.”
D.S. - Chico

”I would like to recommend Dr. Dunlap and his caring, skilled staff they saved the life of our African gray, parrot, Vindaloo. Vindaloo was attached by a raccoon through the bars of his cage, his wing was completely ripped off. He had lost a lot of blood and was in shock, we did not think he would make it. We took him up to Skyway Pet hospital where Dr. Dunlap performed surgery to repair the wound. Vindaloo came out of surgery just fine and we took him home. He had an antibiotic shot and antibiotic cream. The cost was VERY reasonable and he made a full recovery, and is back to his talkative sweet self. many thanks to everyone at Skyway Pet hospital."
J.B. - Chico

“I have over a hundred fancy and rare pigeons and live in a very remote, rural area of the state. Three years ago, several of my birds were ill and I needed to quickly locate a vet in the area with avian experience. Knowing that comprehensive avian expertise is scarce, I thought I'd have to cast a wide geographic net, however, I was thrilled when, after an online search, I saw Dr. Dunlap's name listed in Paradise. Even though Paradise is more than an hour from my home, it's closer than a drive to Sacramento or the Bay Area. This aside, and before I made the trip, I wanted to be confident of his expertise, so I reached out to several of my West Coast bird fancier friends and asked if anyone knew of him. Thankfully, I heard nothing but positive comments. My first experience with Dr. Dunlap and the Skyway staff was outstanding and now, after three years of bringing my birds to him, I have experienced nothing short of excellent care. His vast knowledge, gentle approach and thorough explanations have helped ease my concerns and, more importantly, improved my bird's health. The staff is dedicated and friendly. The offices are clean and orderly. The prices are quite reasonable especially given the added value that I receive.”
J.P. - Brownsville

“I have taken my pets to them for years and have always received exceptional care. The vet is very knowledgable and doesn’t treat you like an idiot talking down to you like some vets do. They explained everything in clear easy to understand wording.”
M.J. - Paradise

"Every member of the staff at Skyway Pet Hospital has given my fiance and I the best and most personable care for all 3 of our furkids in the last two years. They have always done what is best for our animals over what would be best for their pocketbook. Even after my little guy passed last year they made sure that I, who wasn't even there when it happened, was okay! Nobody can exceed their level of compassion and care, both the staff and Dr. Dunlap. This practice is the best place I could have ever come to! These guys aren't a company, they're a family. I trust them with my family, and you should trust them with yours."
E.N. - Colton

"Best places for my two guinea pigs! Excellent staff and services! Tucker and Wally receive great care here and we all appreciate it."
L.M. - Chico

"I readily admit I have a personal relationship with this vet, he's my father in law! That relationship aside, he really is a spectacular vet. He trims my rabbits teeth every month or two because her teeth are not properly aligned. He's taken our two sickly shelter dogs and made them healthy and happy. I've seen the work he does on his own pets, and I have a great many friends who have been referred to him and been thrilled with the service."
P.D. - Paradise

"Excellent Vet and staff. Has all the proper diagnostic equipment to make the right diagnosis and has the skill and competence to provide the very best care. I trust this vet completely. He takes the time to explain the diagnosis and what can be done to help the pet. The staff is very loving and caring. They handle the pet with hands that provide comfort and care. I will not take my pet anywhere else."
J.M. - Oroville

"Just wanted to let ppl know that this vet is very excellent. I hate writing reviews, but I felt the service and care I and my cat got at Skyway Pet Hospital was worth letting ppl know. Every time I have taken my cat there, they have been very nice and helped me to understand all that was happening to him and what they needed to do to help him. They took great car of my cat and weren't super expensive."
S.O. - Chico

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